A combination photo shows the lunar eclipse from a blood moon (top L) back to full moon (bottom right) in the sky over Frankfurt, Germany, July 27, 2018. (REUTERS/File Photo)

Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse LIVE Updates: Stargazers around the world can witness a total Lunar Eclipse or the Super Blood Wolf Moon on the night of January 20 and 21. The phenomenon wherein the Moon will appear reddish and closer to Earth will last for close to three and a half hours, starting from 7.34 pm Pacific Standard Time on January 20.

This rare spectacle will be visible around the world including North America, Central America, South America, Britain, Sweden, Portugal, France and Spain among others. However, India and other Asian countries will not be able to witness this lunar eclipse.

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The name Super Blood Wolf Moon finds its origins in the Old Farmers’ Almanac, a book on astronomical data, weather predictions, wherein the January full moon is referred to as full wolf moon. Also the moon will appear to glow like a red ball as a result of sunlight being scattered and refracted around Earth.

A total lunar eclipse always takes place when there is a full Moon. During this phenomenon, the Sun, Earth and the Moon are perfectly lined up with the Earth blocking the Sun’s light from falling directly on the Moon. However, the little light that manages to pass from the edges of the Earth’s atmosphere lit up the Moon’s surface and makes it look red.

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