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Making a difference

Making a difference Motivational poem b-updated

One step is all it takes,
To make a difference,
To affect the world,
That’s what the pandemic says.

One step in the right direction
And influence is all it takes
To pull the trigger
And hit the nail

Following the crowd
Is ordinary
Standing out for what’s right
Is courageous

Having a vision,
And a purpose to start the storm
With a good heart
And not rage

When Great thinkers
Become great leaders,
A difference is made

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Having a heart

Having a heart b-updated

Having a heart
Is all it takes to be honest
Having courage
Is all it takes to face the truth

Words are not enough
Actions could be
Excuses are not enough
Taking the first step could be

Giving others hope
Not realising what you’re doing
Breaking someone’s heart
Not caring about karma

It’s not that hard
To have a heart
It’s not always safe
To walk with the people around

Not treating them well
Because you’ve been following the trail
Not questioning the norms
Because you don’t care enough

You’ve got insomnia
It might be eating you up
The truth, the lies
And the mirror

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Love Yourself

Love yourself motivational poetry b-updated

Obsessed with your looks
You are on cloud nine
Feeling confident as the eyes follow

Pampering yourself
Adapting a healthy lifestyle
Feeling good as a longer life follows

Letting things be
Going with the flow
Feeling free as relaxation follows

Setting some goals
Working day and night
Feeling positive as success follows

Crossing boundaries for others
Being with them through thick and thin
Feeling complete as love follows

Being all of yourself
Nothing’s good or bad
Feeling yourself as your shadow follows

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MARD – mera kissa

maard ego poetry b-updated

Khudi (ego) se door ik dariya hai jaha rehta hu me,
Kyuki befizul gurrane pe kuch na kehta hu me,

Wo ladte jhagadte khud ko mard bulate hai,
Hume dard nahi hota, garv se apne ghao dikhate hai,

Ha me darta hu, darta hu is dariya ko chorrne se,
Apne un naram ehsaaso ka gala ghotne se,

Tera ahm jab sachayi k patharo se koi todta h,
Tu dard chupaye har tukde ko samet k jodta h,

Apne dariya me magan, me ladaiya alag chunta hu sabse,
Maa ne khudi aur khud dari me fark sikhaya tha jabse,

Khudi se door ik dariya hai jaha rehta hu me,
Ise chorrne se darta hu, befizul kuch na kehta hu me,
Kyuki zindagi bhi to aag ka dariya hai aur hume doob k jana h,
Uski har ik lapat se muje mere dariya ne hi bachana h!

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Lost pictures

Moments we spent in the moment – they really stay,
Amusing when we close our eyes – seems like yesterday,

So much we still carry after all that we leave behind,
Trying to tread past emotions – learning it’s finally time,

Candids, deleted images, sleeping polaroids and broken frames,
Praying to stand oblivious, to unlearn – no game,

We hold on to memories we wanna forget the most,
Looking back, not at the pictures we keep but the ones we’ve lost!

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Mere Yaar

B-updtaed, hindi, poem

Ye dunia jazbato ka maidaan hai
Yaha har koi kuch lamho ka mehmaan hai

Is mehmaan nawaazi mai tu Khushi tab paega
Jab kuch yaaro ke sath beete hue lamhe sochke tu ansu bahaega

In ansuo Mai dard nahi sirf pyar hoga,
Teri akho mai kisi or ki Jeet dekhne ka bhoot savaar hoga

Tu Zindagi bhi tab mukammal Kar paega
Jab is yaar ki yaari mai zeher bhi Khushi se pee jaega

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You can be you

motivational poem, b-updated, poetry, motivation

You’re alive
For what you behold inside.
A drug, that you’re holding onto.
Something that you’re feeding on

Nothing you can’t do,
Nothing you can’t give up on.
Feeling what you want to
Being what you are

Pretending is the new normal
Start being informal
For whatever you have
Will help you build more

Thoughts create emotions
Mistakes create experiences
Procrastinating won’t help
Push yourself for more

Feel it now
Tomorrow isn’t for sure.
What’s outside? The pandemic
Inside? The thoughts.

It’s all a blessing, you’ll only know when it’s the last
Like the wind touches the ocean
Your mind touches your soul

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A Wish – That never came true

a wish, English, English poems, greef, happiness, love, love story, poem, sad, sadness, story, true love

I wish to capture the moments I have been through..
I wish to live in a dream that never came true…
I wish to make others feel what I do..
I wish to make a dream come true…

I wish to hold the time and never let it go..
I wish these moments never passed slow…
I wish to shred the darkens and make it glow..
I wish to make new choices and grow…

I wish to wake up and see everything change..
I wish everything not to be so strange…
I wish to wake up and see miraculous rain..
I wish it washes out my tears and pain

I wish the sun comes out high and loud..
I wish it shatters away the dark cloud…
I wish to make others feel what I do..
I wish to make my dream come true…

I wish to wipe the tears of my heart’s cry..
I wish to give life another try…
I wish to hold my dreams and fly..
I wish for a rain in a dessert so dry…

I wish to capture myself in a room..
i wish to see the orchids gloom…
I wish to be alone and die,
It would be better than to be hurt and cry…

I wish I could run from the moment passing through..
I wish to handle the problems I grew…
I wish to make others feel what I do..
I wish to make a dream come true…

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Two Stories – A Tale Of Confusion

poem, love, sad, confusion, story

What is this feeling, I wish I could explain..
I feel happiness as well as a lot of pain
This is weird, something I can’t explain..
I feel like I should cry or just laugh in vein..

The things are not the same, not the way they used to be..
I feel a lot different, difference that everyone could see…
I think i know what this is, something i do not want to accept..
Something i felt long time a go, Something I still regret…

There is a story, a story that I wanna share..
The story that just happened, I had no time to prepare…
Two stories stated together, all of a sudden I mean..
It all created a mess, a mess that I need to clean… 

All evil started with the same thing, the think not to define..
It started with a creative edge, it felt like a sunshine…
The mess started later, made my feelings dicey..
Head says one, the heart says two, the deal is gonna be pricey..

It is still the beginning, the beginning of a new chapter..
The balance is still to be made, do not want to be the early adapter…
I hope the history remains history, it does not repeat itself..
I hope for happy ending, unlike crap already on my life’s bookshelf…

I wish I could peak, peak in the future of my stories..
I wish one of them stays, take my life to glories…
As I said its early, its too early to predict..
Could be something true, or just a phase, do not want to be an addict…

I think a-lot, I feel a-lot, its harmful on the major part..
Destroy my head, or my brain, hit me with a dart…
End the misery, end the delay, no more patience to spend..
Kill me if that helps, but bring this story to an end…

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